AIRES PRODUCTS Optimizer Aires Light

Optimizer Aires Light
Optimizer Aires Light

The optimizer Aires Light is an additional antenna with multiplier properties, enhancing the personal protection provided by the Aires Shield against harmfull effects  of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the use of smart phones and other mobile devices.

PRICE: £19.00

Further Product Information

An Antenna-Resonator is applied on the base using Immersion Gold technology ring die. Two such circuits  made of conductive material and separated by an insulating layer, form a capacitor.
At the moment of peak accumulation,the charge is redistributed effeciently to the Aires microprocessor providing even greater protection.
The base is made from black glass fibre, absorbing the radiation in the infrared range.
The optimizer Aires Light allows one to more effectively reduce the intensity of penetrating radiation, without compromising the quality and redistributing the resultant polarization in the form of a regular system of maximum and minimum field strength along the surface of the mobile device.
Product dimensions – 50mm x 60mm x 0.2 mm.