SCENAR PRODUCTS Scenar Sport (Basic)

Scenar Sport (Basic)
Scenar Sport (Basic)

The Ritmedic Scenar Sport is the original technically advanced pain relief and healing device that represents a breakthrough in simulating and accelerating the body's natural self healing capability. (This device previously known as Pain Genie or Scenar FX)

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OUR PRICE IS £100 LESS THAN THE RSP - the SCENAR name on OUR device casing is written in Russian not English!


PRICE: £349.00

Further Product Information


This Scenar model is named technically by the manufacturer as the 'Sport' but we feel this is misleading as it's a device used at home or clinically -  with multiple applications, and is not specifically designed for sportpersons or to treat their associated injuries, but most certainly it can.

We provide your own seriel and registration number, tutorial videos, manuals in English, the protocols and a list of 180 ailments and diseases with corresponding graphics showing which body parts to treat, and which frequency to use. Plus protective leather case.

It has a fairly wide range of functions in SCENAR-therapy compared to the basic version with the expanded possibility to select one of four frequencies (14, 60, 90 and 340 Hz). 

The frequency of 340 Hz - is best suited for pain relief. The most effective in the aesthetic treatment of facial skin.

The frequency of 14 Hz - the most favorable in the early treatment of chronic diseases. It is also used when working with children.

The frequencies of 60 Hz and 90 - standard, they are always used in the methods of SCENAR-therapy and may vary.

Consider the use of modes inherent in this model.

Mode of amplitude modulation (AM) - stimulates muscle contractions, which reduces swelling, increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In combination with the low and high frequency (between 14 and did not less than 340 Hz) is effective in cosmetology, when using certain techniques.

Mode "swinging frequency" (FM) - includes a continuous stream of different frequencies, which increases the effect of the work on the affected zone.

This model allows to connect and operate in two modes. AM and FM, which enhances and complements the effects of their impact using various techniques.

This apparatus includes two modes:

To carry out a course of treatment for chronic diseases using the diagnostic mode (objective-dosed) (D)

To reset the device

Turn the device on by holding down both the left AND right hand button down at the same time.  After 3 - 4 seconds there will be a series of beeps and all the lights will come on for a short period of time.  When the beeping finishes release both buttons.  Your device is now reset. You can now program the device according to the needs you have at that point.






The Russian government launched a research program in the 1970s with the aim of producing pain-relief /healing technology for use by Russian cosmonauts. It needed to be effective, versatile and easy to operate in space. What they came up with is now known as SCENAR technology. It works by transmitting electrical impulses – modelled on endogenous nerve impulses – through the skin. This would mimic the natural impulses of the nervous system, thus stimulating the adaptive powers of the nervous system to use its own healing abilities and remove the need for allopathic drugs. 


30 years have since passed and the SCENAR (Self-Controlled Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) technology has developed into an indispensable tool for hospitals and serious therapists and practitioners worldwide.


Now, for the first time, SCENAR technology is available to you for home use and is the latest application of this incredible development in pain treatment and general healing.


The SCENAR represents a huge step forward for drug-free pain treatment. Now you can effectively treat acute and chronic pain and many other disorders at your convenience, at low cost, and from the comfort of your own home.