ACCESSORIES DENAS Glasses Therapy Device (English Version)

DENAS Glasses Therapy Device (English Version)
DENAS Glasses Therapy Device (English Version)

"DENAS Glasses" is the latest version  electrode for DiaDENS and Denas devices. It was developed to treat eye disorders fast and comfortably, incorporating Scenar biofeedback technology.Results are astounding!  

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DENS GLASSES have scientifically spaced small electrodes which are precisely placed around each eye piece.

One requires a  DENAS or DiaDENS device in order to generate the electrostimulation through the spectacles which are connected to either.

Indications for "DENS Glasses" usage:

-Curing and prophylaxis of short and long sight.
-Visual fatigue
-Eye Inflammation 


Until recently we had different ways of sight correction. First of all glasses, secondly- modern ultra-thin lenses and the third - surgical operation. However, each of these methods have disadvantages: for example, the person wearing glasses may have difficulty in practicing sports activities, lenses need careful care and the surgical operation doesn't guarantee stable results.

Patients with poor eyesight can successfully use DENS-GLASSES and is considered a brand-new invention in ophthalmology. This treatment creates the possibility of visual correction without surgical operation. DENS-Glasses provide for prophylaxis and therapeutic influence by using dynamic electric neuro stimulation on the eyes and for a general regulative effect of the entire visual organism. 

The very successful protocol used in DENS-THERAPY is also used in the eye treatment provided by DENS-Glasses.  This has already proven effective in treating eye diseases, using the standard built-in device electrodes. Now the glasses makes it even more effective as well as convenient.  


 The low-frequency impulse is chosen specially for eye muscular influences on eye orbit fabric and  the eyeball. Thus, the combination of the local action on the eye muscular system with the purpose of improvement of tone and the general influence on  the central nervous system as well as the visual centers of the brain, creates a remarkable result. 

 This method is simple and accessible, it doesn't` have any contraindication and limitation. To use it effectively one only need understanding of dynamic electric neuro - stimulation ie a DENAS or DiaDENS instrument). The universal form of DENS-Glasses enables people to use it with any type of visual features and eye structure.  There are no age restrictions for this method.  In any case, the  electrodes will positively influence the biologically active points around the eye-zones of a child or an adult and achieve positive results.

 DENS-Glasses can be applied not only for treating eye problems, but also forprevention of eye diseases (Prophylaxis).   In the past there was there a problem for ophthalmologists to find a reasonable and effective way to save individuals from developing eye diseases.  When a person has DENS-Glasses at home (or at the office), the person can solve this problem quickly and efficiently - oneself. When you feel discomfort (for instance, with computer or writing, reading)put on DENS-Glasses connected to a DENAS or DiaDENS instrument and wear them for 4-5 minutes. After a reasonable short session, the eyes will be as rested, as they might be in the morning after a good rest, and will respond normally and effectively.

 DENS-Glasses are efficient:

• Eye fatigue (eye asthenopia) when long and intense load in reading, writing,

having to work with computers, watching TV and etc.

• Presbyopia (age long sight or hypermetropia)

• Hypermetropia, astigmatism, amblyopia, myopia (short-sightedness), spasm of


• Cataracts and Glaucoma

• Inflammatory eye diseases (eg: conjunctivitis, pinkeye) 

• Prophylaxis of eye diseases

Thus DENS-Glasses may enable one to achieve, not only healthy vision but they increase your eye defenses (via your immune system) against various pathology that negatively effect normally good vision. 


Downloads available:
1DENS Glasses operations manual  -  pages 27 - 52