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Euro DiaDENS-Cosmo Cosmetology Device (English version)

DENAS-Cosmo is a home treatment device, restoring quality and nutrition while protecting the skin naturally. One can quickly and effectively improve ones' good looks and maintain the health of our skin in the long term.The set includes the electrode mask, ocean caviar, birds nest and aloe masks.




During the application of the DENAS-Cosmo device, the treatment is conducted by means of electric impulses of low energy range and frequency. The impulses affect the facial skin, thus improving the blood circulation, excretion of toxins, and the metabolic processes; as a result, the skin looks natural and healthy.

The DENAS-Cosmo device is very easy to use. It has two completely automatic programs — "Nutrition” and "Lymphatic drainage”. The operating time of one program is 15 minutes. It is very important that after the treatment session an after-effect is observed, which may last up to several hours. It allows one to obtain a visible cosmetic effect after just a few sessions. When used regularly, the device effectively protects the skin from premature aging. This is explained by the fact that the effect of separate procedures provides the prolonged aftereffect, which remains even after the course is completed. The long-term results are even more favorable than the immediate ones.

The characteristics of the DENAS-Cosmo programs provide for high safety, and an absence of side effects, which is why the device may be used at home.

- Enhances the absorption of beauty mask active ingredients. 
- Helps the skin breathe and stay smooth and elastic for a long time. 
- May be used both for quick cosmetic effects and continuous basic skin treatment with a preventive purpose.

- Combats the stagnation of blood and lymph. 
- Makes the tissue and muscles stronger — as a result, the skin becomes firm and elastic. 
- Is used to provide lifting, reduction of facial skin puffiness and pastosity. 
- Enhances the absorption of beauty mask active ingredients.


The masks have been developed to satisfy the requirements of every skin type, be it nutrition, moisture treatment or combating the first signs of aging. The results have been confirmed by dermatological testing.

Nourishing cloth masks are used as contact media during treatment sessions, which have been specifically selected for application with the DENAS-Cosmo device. They provide not only a quick visible result after the treatment session, but also long-term positive changes in the skin. A range of beneficial substances in the mask composition amplifies the cosmetic and therapeutic effects of the device programs.

Mask 1 - Moisture and purification.
This is the universal and basic mask for all DENAS-Cosmo programs due to the aloe extract in its composition. Aloe has always been famous for its moisturizing and purifying properties and its ability to stimulate cell regeneration. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

Mask 2 - Nutrition with the extract of ocean fish roe.
The high nutritional value of the mask is provided due to the extract of ocean fish roe in combination with seaweed. This "pharmacy” from the ocean stimulates blood circulation in the skin, improves the metabolism in cells and their cleansing, normalizes the endocrine profile of the skin, and the operation of sebaceous glands. Roe activates the production of collagen, which makes the skin firm and elastic. It is applied as a means against skin aging.

Mask 3 - Anti-age with swallow’s nest extract.
The nutritious and moisturizing complex of swallow’s nest extract and arbutin combats the skin aging process: fights undesirable pigmentation by evening out skin tone; smoothes existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones; softens the skin and provides a lifting effect.

Additional photos:

Cosmo device and maskCosmo Mask ElectrodeCosmo Kit

Accessories available for DENAS-Cosmo:

  1. Mask 1 - Moisture and purification.
  2. Mask 2 - Nutrition with the extract of ocean fish roe.
  3. Mask 3 - Anti-age with swallow’s nest extract.
  4. Mask-Electrode for DENAS-Cosmo

Downloads available:

  1. DENAS-Cosmo Operations Manual (PDF Download 1,292kb)
  2. DENAS-Cosmo Booklet (PDF Download 735kb)