ACCESSORIES Massage & Penetration Electrodes (English Version)

Massage & Penetration Electrodes (English Version)
Massage & Penetration Electrodes (English Version)

These therapeutic external electrodes are an extremely usefull accessory. The large electrode is specilly designed for cosmetology and cellulite busting as well as effecient body massage with simultaneous scenar treatment.

The penetration needle like electrode will treat effeciently through body and head hair and is designed to stimulate mini acupuncture points on the skull and for the treatment of multiple conditions.

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Further Product Information

Excellent for blood circulation, hair loss, tinnutis, headaches, dizzyness, asthma ,stomach , gall bladder, bowel and all the many conditions from page 21 here:


 Massage electrodes allow treatment of reflexogenic zones using two treatment factors – dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS) and mechanotherapy (massage) as well as cosmetology - used in conjunction with DiaDENS and Denas devices.

 The massage electrode while producing therapuetic effects, removes facial contours, improves complexion and skin elasticity and is effective in the treatment of cellulites.


Downloads available:
1. Massage Electrodes operating manual