PRODUCTS DiaDENS Cardio Therapy Device (English Version)

DiaDENS Cardio Therapy Device (English Version)
DiaDENS Cardio Therapy Device (English Version)

This device operates automatically...and is a life saver!
DiaDENS-Cardio is the latest model and is designed for the correction and balance of arterial blood pressure.High blood pressure can be lowered & stabilized during therapy sessions, so that ones' health & quality of life is significantly improved! 

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PRICE: £129.00

Further Product Information

This device function is automatic!

Simply attach it to your wrist and turn it on.

Influenced by the electrofacilitation method of bioactive zones on the wrist, the device is designed for arterial pressure reduction and normalization of the general condition of the patient. The device is intended for individual use in medical-preventive institutions and at home in accordance with doctor instructions.

•    The device is easy to use, with the  medical influence conducted by a specially designed automatic program of between 5-7 minutes.
•    The device works on the frequency of 9,2 Hz, which is traditionally used for treatment of hypertension, and a  specially designed program "7710" intended for a general  becalming effect.
•    The device is also intended for the reduction of hypertension and for the treatment of hypertension disease in different stages.

As a result:

•    arterial pressure is being stabilized  
•    general state of health improves
•    psycho-emotional state improves
•    physical efficiency increases
•    the risk of complications of the essential hypertension is reduced
•    quality of the patient's life improves

In the kit:

1.DIADENS cardio device

2.User manual in ENGLISH

3. Case

4. Power cell

5. Consumer care

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Downloads available:
1.DiaDENS Cardio Operation Manual.
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