PRODUCTS Diadens PCM Therapy Device (English Version)

Diadens PCM Therapy Device (English Version)
Diadens PCM Therapy Device (English Version)

DiaDENS-PCM is a generic Scenar device, a top of the range model and is used for therapy, pain relief and diagnostics. Designed both for Home users and Therapists, this device is effecient and easy to use, with 13 preset therapy programs, 8 different Hz options and all frequencies below 10Hz, plus on - screen data and diagnostic indices. FREE unlimited support & training.

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Further Product Information

The device has handy menu buttons, big LCD screen with back light, and is of  ergonomic design.

DiaDENS-PCM has a wide range of therapeutic frequencies:

10Hz. The lowest of the “High Frequencies”. This provides influence on the adrenal gland, trigeminal nerve, lymph nodes and for impotence treatment. This also assists in nerve and muscle relaxation.

20Hz. Can be the best choice to treat diseases of gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, eye diseases (inflammation), menstrual disorders, consequences of diabetes, intercostals neuralgia, pain in the knee, adrenal (suprarenal) gland disorders, inflammation of tonsils and problem of the neck.

60Hz. Can be applied as a special frequency for cervical spine, giddiness, hearing and skin disorders,inflamation & arterial pressure correction.

77Hz. This is the Universal Analgesic frequency. It is “Universal” because it can be applies universally and be extremely helpful to almost any pathology and for pain blood flow restoration & arterial pressure correction..

140Hz. Recommended to treat severe pain, traumas and burning wounds. Provides intense analgesic and healing effectiveness from inflamation.

200Hz. Recommended to treat sharp pain, traumas and burn wounds. Both 200Hz and 140Hz are usually used on the musculoskeletal system (pain in bones, spine, joints) and in various trauma conditions.

77 10. This is an alternating (between 77Hz & 10Hz) frequency set. Recommend as an analgesic and relax frequency setting. Also recommend to treat sleeplessness and excitation.

77 AM. This is an Amplitude Modified 77Hz that is for Analgesic Healing and Stimulation where weakness is a factor. It is recommended to treat abnormal physical weakiness or lack of energy.

ULTRA LOW Frequencies. 1.0 to 9.9 Hz to treat 30 diseases - see pages 88 + 89 and the full alphabetical list of 50 graphics showing which body part(s) to treat,for how long and the settings.  - the device Manual.


EXPRESS MODE provides 13 built in programs which allows one to easily treat allegies and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, back pain, joints pain, vegeto-vascular dystonia, ginecological pains, hypertension, headache, coughing, menstrual cycle disorders, urinary tract disorders, impotence, rhinitis, traumas, and asphyxia.

DiaDENS-PCM has 3 modes for zonal diagnostic, treatment and prophylaxis - Therapy Mode, MED Mode, and Screening Mode.

When in Therapy modes you can pass DiaDENS-PCM over deviation spots (keeping contact with the skin of course), you feel it stick, pain, or reveal changing of the skin color. This means you have found deviation spots and blockage, stay there for a few minutes to relieve these pathological areas with pain relief.

MED mode finds pathological spots measuring time of reply. In this case we use the first phase of MED program. We can also use both phases of MED program for therapy prophylaxis and in cases of intense physical and mental strain, and chronic fatique syndrome.

Screening Mode is a diagnostic tool. It allows one to find pathological areas very quickly, while getting digital indices from the device showing which zones have high resistance and is indicative of blockages and stuck flows in that body part or organ.

One then simply applies the device in Therapy Mode to the afflicted areas.

Please note the metal case in product photograph is no longer supplied as the device is now packaged differently.



  • Full ENGLISH hard copy Manual 
  • An Alphabetical list of 180 ailments and diseases and a colour booklet plus an e file of graphics showing which zones we treat for each condition, for how long and at which Hz, giving one absolute certainty (We are the only Distributer worldwide that provides this additional level of support
  • The essential protocols showing you how one prepares the body holistically for best healing results in the shortest time assuring your healing success. (These additions are only supplied by us) - the device manual alone does not provide the necessary support lists, graphics and protocols and without these, healing success will be limited
  • Free and unlimited 7 day/week support
  • A talk through after unboxing should you wish, so you won't even need to read the manual... to know how to use the device
  • TEN years experience as official Distributor of Denas and Diadens products in the UK (Random non specialist sellers do not have the experience to offer the required level of support)
  • EIGHT years as a practising DENAS / SCENAR Therapist 
  • Free Demonstration from our therapy suite at RH194PH


The device is not CE marked with Certificates of Conformity for sale in the UK and if you need customer service or act on your warranty your seller is far out of reach of Trading Standards and consumer protection if needed.

You will pay 20% VAT at our border before delivery for all goods purchased outside of the UK.

If you need to send it back for any reason its an expensive time consuming exercise without a known conclusion.

There are fakes out there as of all high end goods sold worldwide.

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Accessories available
1. DENS-glasses
2. DENS-applicator 
3. Therapeutic acupuncture probe
4. Denas Reflexo
5. Massage & Penetration Electrodes

Downloads available:
1. DiaDENS-PCM Instructions
2. DiaDENS-PCM Operation Manual
3. Screening Mode general zones


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