PRODUCTS Diadens T Therapy Device (English Version)

Diadens T Therapy Device (English Version)
Diadens T Therapy Device (English Version)

DiaDENS-T is a generic Scenar device and is excellent value for money, featuring LCD screen, six high performance therapy frequencies, an accurate diagnostics capability and biofeedback Minimum Effective Dose mode. Apply the protocols we provide and achieve amazing results and good health in the comfort of your home.FREE support & training ... so easy to use.

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PRICE: £259.00

Further Product Information

These devices emit energy at frequencies (Hz) sympathetic to that of our body systems and internal organs.This transfer revitalises the body and the inherent capability it has to heal and care for itself.

Healthy cells function at 25 - 30 millivolts, but to make new cells (heal) we need 50 millivolts.Through injury,age & degeneration lifestyle choices and quality food and water etc, recovery from 'disease' can be slow to non existent.These devices provide this energy holistically flooding the body or part thereof, with neuro peptides, endorphins and other healing compounds.

The Diadens T is designed both for personal use and for Therapists. DiaDENS-T has an improved built in electrode and multiple therapy frequencies.

One can effectively treat acute injury, severe or slight pain and burns, as well as chronic conditions including back pain, bronchial asthma, stroke after-effects and any other other ailment or disease well as for prophylaxis of gains made.

DiaDENS-T has 3 modes - Therapy, Minimum Effective Dose mode and Screening mode for diagnostics. Therapy and Dosed mode can diagnose and treat, Screening mode can only diagnose.

Therapy mode works on frequencies 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, and 200 Hz. 

MED mode, that works on 10 Hz, also helps one find pathological spots measuring time of reply. In this case we use the first phase of the MED program. We can aslo use both phases of MED program for prophylaxis.

Screening Mode is a diagnostic tool. Simply place the device on an area of pain or imobility. Within 3 seconds the device will present a digital value on screen indicative of the degree of resistance of blocked energy at this point. It allows one to find pathological points very quickly and accurately by taking up the highest readings and using multiple Hz in Therapy mode to illiminate them.

The Device Manual is here -  ENGLISH pages 65 - 126


  • Full ENGLISH Manual hard copy and e book
  • An Alphabetical list of 180 ailments and diseases and a colour booklet plus an e file of graphics showing which zones we treat for each condition, for how long and at which Hz, giving one absolute certainty on the healing experience(We are the only Distributer worldwide that provides this additional level of support
  • The essential protocols showing you how one prepares the body holistically for best healing results in the shortest time which assures your success. (These additions are only supplied by us) - the device manual alone does not provide the necessary support lists, graphics and protocols and without these, healing success will be limited)
  • Free and unlimited 7 day/week support
  • A talk through after unboxing should you wish, so you won't even need to read the manual... to know how to use the device
  • Eight years experience as official Distributor of Denas and Diadens products in the UK (Random non specialist sellers do not have the experience to offer the required level of support)
  • Six years as a practising DENAS / SCENAR Therapist 
  • Free Demonstration from our therapy suite at RH194PH


The device is not CE marked with Certificates of Conformity for sale in the EU and if you need customer service or act on your warranty your seller is far out of reach of Trading Standards and EU consumer protection if needed.

You will pay 20% VAT at our border before delivery for all goods purchased outside of the EU.

If you need to send it back for any reason its an expensive time consuming exercise without a known conclusion.

There are  fakes out there as of all high end goods sold worldwide.


Additional photos:

Diadens T Diadens T Diadens T Diadens T


Accessories available
1. DENS-glasses
2. DENS-applicator 
3. Therapeutic acupuncture probe
4. Denas Reflexo
5. Massage & Penetration Electrodes

Downloads available:
1. DiaDENS-T Operation Manual
(pages 65-126 English)
2. Screening Mode general zones

Free Denas training DVD with purchase.

Product Videos
Scenar/Denas Knee Pain 1
Scenar/Denas Knee Pain 2
Denas Brushing Techniques 1
Denas Brushing Techniques 2

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