PRODUCTS NeuroDENS 4 Program Wonder (English Version)

NeuroDENS 4 Program Wonder (English Version)
NeuroDENS 4 Program Wonder (English Version)

NeuroDENS is an electro therapeutic device designed for non-invasive impact on biologically active zones of the body, greatly increasing well being and quality of life.

Program 1  is designed to correct vascular tone and function of the сentral nervous system. Program 2  is designed to improve renal hemodynamics.  Program 3  is designed to correct vascular dysfunction and vegetative and metabolic disorders.  Program 4 is designed for the correction of emotional states and general wellbeing.

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Further Product Information

The device is worn comfortably on the body, is very simple to understand and the programs are completely automatic.


The application of the NEURODENS-CARDIO contribute to the normalization and tone of the vascular wall, expansion of capillaries, and improved blood flow in the microcirculation system.


Owing to this: • blood pressure stabilizes at an acceptable level for the patient • improves overall health and psycho-emotional condition  • reduces the risk of complications of hypertension • improves quickly the quality of life of the patient.  


The programs are designed to affect the biologically active zones.

• Program 1 is basic and is used in any variant of increasing blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, labile).

• Programs 2, 3, 4 are optional and can be applied depending on the specific condition of the patient:

• Program 2: with a tendency to increase diastolic pressure (90 mm Hg. art. and above) and with a tendency to alleviate swelling (on the face and/or lower extremities); 

• Program 3: for the patients with unstable (labile) blood pressure, as well as with increased blood pressure due to  endocrine diseases (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, etc.)

• Program 4: for the patients with adverse blood pressure related to psycho-emotional stress (stress); increased blood pressure is accompanied by a pronounced emotional reaction (anxiety, fear, panic).


 Medical staff in medical or individual users at home should please use the device after reading the operating manual.


Neurodens Cardio