PRODUCTS ZooDENS Animal Therapy Device (English Version)

ZooDENS Animal Therapy Device (English Version)
ZooDENS Animal Therapy Device (English Version)

ZooDENS is a Scenar type veterinary device specifically developed for successfull non invasive general therapy for all animals, providing non drug pain relief and healing - most sales are for the treatment of horses. 

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Further Product Information

It can be used for curing a variety of animal illnesses and ailments. It includes a specially designed course of treatment based on two frequencies - 77 Hz and 10 Hz - which helps to provide comfortable therapy allowing the animals to avoid unpleasant emotional states while being helped.

Proven and highly developed technology provides a wide variety of effecient treatment applications.

Because animals are sometimes irritated by noise, this unit is almost silent.

Very affordable compared with other veterinary devices.

Simplicity in handling- just one setting.

ZooDENS can be used by pet lovers at home, in the barn, in the field, in the forest, or on the track!

This unit has ten power levels that are safe and comfortable for your pets.

Quick and effective pain relief for your horse as well as resolution of back & muscle problems, splints, sore shins, and super fast healing of fractures, pravins tendons & ligaments.

Please see the 'Passport' and 'Manual' downloads below video.

Powered by AAA battery.


ZooDENS photographs

Downloads available:
1. Zoodens Operating Manual. Part 1. Technical Passport
2. Zoodens Operating Manual. Part 2. Instructional Manual
3. Testimonial to ZooDENS
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 Is it is possible to combine the application of DENS-therapy with other methods of treatment?

Yes, DENS-therapy is perfectly combined with other methods of both medical and holistic treatment.


 What are the requirements for place and time of healing animals with DENS-therapy?

There are no special requirements. It is only necessary to provide good contact of electrodes of the device to the skin of the animals. It is necessary for this purpose to cut hair in the place of treatment or to saturate it with water or some cream.


 What power supply is applied in ZooDENS?

One AAA battery is used.


  Is it possible to use device ZooDENS for treatment of people?

For treatment of people there are special devices: DENAS, DiaDENS-T, DiaDENS-DT, DiaDENS-PC, SCENAR, etc. But some buyers successfully use ZooDENS both for animals and for themselves.


 Is it possible to use DENS-therapy for healing animals with cancer problem? 

Only indirectly by working on the organs of the immune system. Also some special types of treatment can significantly decrease the suffering of animals.


 What are the contraindications for treating animals with ZooDENS?

Yes, there are some contraindications: 

- Individual intolerance of an electric micro current;

- Implanted heart stimulating device. 


In some cases the professional veterinary should be consulted before applying ZooDENS to the animal:

- Epilepsy;

- Tumor of any origin and localization;

- Fever of unknown cause.


  An old animal does not move. Can ZooDENS help?

Yes, lack of energy and inability to move are the conditions effectively treated by Zoodens. For this purpose the treatment of pads, spine and ears are recommended.



Here is a story from Chicago: "There is a horse that has a backend problem called the wobbles. There are many reasons for this; one is a narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck area. This causes nerve compression and a weakness of the hind quarters. After the DENS-therapy the weakness is gone, the crossover of the back legs does not happen. This was after the second treatment. He will fast soon. I will keep you posted." 

A letter from a therapist in Florida: "I have decided to write you and tell you some of the things that I have been doing with the ZooDENS. First I have been using it on racehorses that have neurological problems that stem from parasites the most known as EPM. This parasite, it settles into the spinal column and moves into the brain. Ten years ago the horse with this problem had to be put to sleep. Now it is treated with medication that kills the parasite. But the damage to the nerves still remains. I have found a way with great success to retrain the central nervous system to awaken the damaged nerves with the ZooDENS. I have also used it for horses coughing and helping them to breath better for throat problems in the races, some have paid very large prices. I also work on rescue horses. One by the name of Charlie stands out. He was to the killers three times and was not selected for slaughter, his legs were twisted from not having his feet trimmed. He started to receive trimming in the bare foot style four months ago and scenery treatments from myself and the lady who owns the ranch (she purchased a ZooDENS from me in December). Charlie has been ridden for the first time this week. The ZooDENS has changed his life or now he has one. If you like I can send you before and after pictures? And Matt the horse with the paralyzed tail it is still moving after one treatment. I want you to know how wonderful this machine is. Oh yes, I am also treating a dog with heart failure that was given three months to live and it is now going on seven months. It's wonderful. P.F."

"I have a horse that has a bad back. As a matter a fact she was falling down if overextended. I was called in to work on her. After 3 treatments with ZooDENS, when I left the stall she was bucking and kicking in a playing style. That is what they do when they feel good. She is now training with no sign of the back problem."
Patty, Florida, USA