PRODUCTS Denas OLM Cap, Mittens, Boot Set

Denas OLM Cap, Mittens, Boot Set
Denas OLM Cap, Mittens, Boot Set

DENAS-OLM –  Multi - layer Cap , Mittens and Boot set are award winning therapy devices.(Paul Ehrich medal by the European Academy of Clinical Immunology, Germany).This non pharmaceutical  approach to restorative and corrective medicine is aimed at effective recovery from and the prevention of illnesses, as well as relief from stress, depression and chronic fatigue.

The theory is that when various aggressive factors act on the human body, a series of protective reactions occurs, for example stress representing the capacity of the body to resist.Please view 'Downloads' below for this science simply explained.

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The products involve effective medical rehabilitation technologies and are used to build up health, as prophylaxis, for rehabilitation and the treatment of various conditions. The scientific basis for the development of the products was the theory of stress formulated by the Canadian scientist Hans Selye and additional work by the Russian scientists L.Kh. Garkava, E.B. Kvakina and M.A. Ukolova. The essence of the theory consists in the fact that when various aggressive factors act on the human body, a series of non-specific protective reactions occurs for example stress.

These reactions represent the basic capacity of the body to resist, and it is precisely on such reactions that the state of health of a person depends. Of great importance is the fact that during the development of illness the prognosis depends on the type of protective reactions: whether the person will recover, whether the body has qualitative defence, or if the illness will persist for many years on a chronic course.

In addition, if the level of resistance is significantly impaired, the body reacts poorly to the effect of any therapeutic physical factors and their use becomes less effective and more protracted. By using “DENAS-OLM” products you will be subject to complex effects with low -intensity physical factors. As a result of these effects the type of non-specific protective reactions in your body changes to a more beneficial type.

Not only does the work of the internal organs and systems normalise, but an improvement in the overall condition of the body occurs, which is manifested in normalisation - improvement in mood, and ability to work productively and sleep peacefully. The body becomes more resilient to illness and stress. The use of DENAS OLM products also improves the effectiveness of other forms of therapy as treatment times are shortened, and the risk of developing complications and chronic forms of illness decreases.



1. Denas OLM Instuction Manual
2. Application of Therapeutic Vest 

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