PRODUCTS Denas OLM Blanket (English Version)

Denas OLM Blanket (English Version)
Denas OLM Blanket (English Version)

The Denas TMB healing blanket is an award winning therapy device.(Paul Ehrich medal by the European Academy of Clinical Immunology,Germany).This non pharmaceutical  approach to restorative and corrective medicine is aimed at effective recovery from,and the prevention of illnesses, as well as relief from stress, depression and chronic fatigue.

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Further Product Information

The TMB-01 therapeutic multilayer blanket changes an initially unfavorable functional condition of the human body, towards one of a more favorable state. This is achieved by optimizing the functioning of the regulatory and protective subsystems and enhancing the economy of energy exchange that essentially determines the state of health, emotional and mental state, and resistance to diseases and stresses, the severity of disorders, and even the efficiency of specific clinical treatments.

The TMB-01 Blanket is approved for use and fully certified by the RF Health Ministry. The developer and manufacturer of the TMB-01 blanket is Victory-TM, L.L.C. Company, Taganrog, Russia. 

For the development of the “The Method and Device for Multifactorial Therapeutic Action Using TMB-01 Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket”, its author was awarded the Mechnikov Medal “For Practical Contribution to Strengthening the Nation’s Health” from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. 


- normal immunity 
- better synchronized biorhythms 
- improved activity of the body’s regulatory and protective systems 
- less vegetative and hormonal imbalance
- increased functional reserves and better adaptation of the body.

All the above-mentioned effects provide for the body’s resistance to disease, reduce frequency and severity of diseases, determine time and efficiency of treatment, relieve stress and depression, and improve your mood and capacity for work…

TMB-01 (OLM-01) healing blanket is used to:

1. Save and strengthen health

2. Prevent diseases

3. Treat diseases and disorders

4. Rehabilitate, revitalise and energise

5. Increase the effectiveness of combined treatments

6. Decrease drug side effects

To use OLM-01, simply wrap yourself in it!    (does not include mittens,cap,booties and waistcoat as shown in user manual)                                                                                         






Downloads available:
1. Denas OLM Instruction Manual
2. Application of Therapeutic Blanket

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