PRODUCTS DiaDENS PCM Therapy Device (English Version)

DiaDENS PCM Therapy Device (English Version)
DiaDENS PCM Therapy Device (English Version)

DiaDENS-PCM is the premier device for therapy and zonal diagnostic. It was designed both for home users and therapists.This model was in production till 1st August 12 and has been overtaken by the model above - but it still a very efficient modern device and is being stock cleared (1 only) at this bargain price! Warranties and service still apply. Limited Special Offer PCM NOW reduced LESS 20%  (applied)  - PLUS FREE Dens Glasses Accessory which will be included in your purchase  - SAVE £178!


Further Product Information

This device is manufactured by DENAS MS Corporation. It has handy menu pre set buttons which read from a list of ailments automatically sets the device for easy application, big LCD screen with back light, and built in programs for 15 diseases and is of a very ergonomic design.

DiaDENS-PCM has a wide range of therapeutic frequencies:
- Basic Frequencies: 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200 Hz
-Modulated Frequencies : "77 10" (combination of 77 and 10Hz), "77 AM" (amplitude modulation of 77Hz)
- Ultra Low Frequencies: from 1.0 to 9.9 Hz with step 0.1Hz

It allows treatment of acute and chronic diseases very effectively. One can quickly relieve or completely eliminate pain independent of its cause. 

15 built in programs allows one to easily treat allegies and disease - diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, back pain, joints pain, vegeto-vascular dystonia, ginecological pains, hypertension, headache, coughing, menstrual cycle disorders, urinary tract disorders, impotence, rhinitis, traumas, and asphyxia.  DiaDENS PCM also has a special function "Schedule of each-day sessions", that reminds one about daily treatment.

DiaDENS-PCM has 3 modes for zonal diagnostic, treatment and prophylaxis - Therapy Mode, MED Mode, and Screening Mode.

Therapy mode, that works on  frequencies 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200 Hz, "77 10", "77 AM" and ultra low frequencies, allowing one to find deviation spots moving the device over the skin. When you pass DiaDENS-PCM over these spots (keeping contact with the skin of course), you feel it stick, pain, or reveal changing of the skin color. This means you have found deviation spots, therefore stay there for a few minutes to cure these pathological areas and you can get pain relief within 5-20 minutes.

MED mode, that works on 10 Hz, also helps to find pathological spots measuring time of reply. In this case we use the first phase of MED program.We can also use both phases of MED program in order to do prophylaxis.

Screening Mode is pure diagnostic mode. It allows one to find pathological areas very quickly, while getting digital indices from the device.


ACCESSORIES add function and increase and amplifies the benefit.

The regular Probe allows the therapist/user to zero in on 'points' in the hands, feet and ears that relate to organs and specific areas as shown in the Chakra charts in'e Book download' at the foot of the Diadens T and Denas 2010 Product pages.

The Applicator Belt increases the range of treatment over larger areas of the body during a therapy session as well as allowing this treatment to be performed without having to hold or move the device oneself.

Additional photos:

Diadens PCMDiadens PCM

Accessories for DiaDENS-PCM:
1. DENS-glasses
2. DENS-applicator (Belt)
3. Therapeutic acupuncture probe

Downloads available:
1. DiaDENS-PCM Instructions
2. DiaDENS-PCM Operation Manual
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