Spinor AK Tom Device


Spinor is a Bioresonance EHF (High Freaquency) physiotherapeutic device or series therof which addresses the cause of a disease, then treats it's symptom. This is a unique and extraorinarily reliable and effective treatment as well as a prophylaxis. 

Each cell in the human body has a certain function making our organs and systems work in harmony and with energoinformational exchange. Stress, age, medical history, inflammations, and bad ecology distort these informational links between the cells. 

The main aim of EHF-therapy is to restore these links and normalize this essential  biochemical processes. 

In the presence of pathogens, the emitter records the pathogen’s own frequencies. It then sends back impulses of the same frequency and perceives it as its “own” and resonates with it. Thus, the frequency amplitude of the emission increases drastically and the pathogen perishes. Millimeter wave therapy stimulates the vital forces of the body and suppresses the development of harmful microorganisms.

Our Customer Service are experts in this application.

The device was once named CEM TECH - the brand name is now Spinor AK TOM. 

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