Magnetic Field Therapy


 In practice, magnetic field treatments facilitate the healing process because it does not act upon the symptoms, but acts upon the causes of health problems through the normalisation of cell processes. It thus activates the body's own self-healing and regulatory ability and normalises impaired functions. Magnetic field treament can be visually demonstrated and proved by thermographic imaging. 


Addressing The Following:

  • headache (Migraine) 
  • muscle- and joint pain 
  • wrist pain 
  • allergy 
  • disturbed blood flow
  • blocked nose 
  • swelling parts 
  • diabetes 
  • sight disorder 
  • neck pain 
  • rheumatic complaint 
  • whiplash injury 
  • shoulder-arm-problem 
  • joint arthritis
  • osteoporosis 
  • bone erosion 
  • elbow complaint 
  • muscle pain 
  • bruise and strain 
  • tension 
  • lumbago 
  • epicondylitis           

 chronic hand complaint
 rheumatic back pain
 sporting injury
 hip joint injury
 kidney complaint
 bronchitis and asthma
 stomach and bowel troubles
 troubles with spinal disk
 sciatic complaint
 knee complaint
 post-treatment of fracture
 cramp in the calves
 chronic pain in the foot 
 sleep disturbances
 lymph and blood-vessel jam
 circulatory disturbance
 high and low blood pressure

Scientific statements
"The one, who uses the magnets, will detect that without it, he can‘t do anything against a lot of sicknesses."
Carl Friedrich Gauß:
"Detected the magnetic forces refering to the scientific aspect the unit of measurment was named after him."
Arthur Schoppenhauer – Scientist and Philosopher
"Anybody who nowadays doubts the efficiency of magnetism, is not sceptical but ignorant."
Werner Heisenberg – Physicist and Nobelprize winner
"The magnetic force is the elementary energy, on which the whole on the organism is dependent."
Linus Pauling – Peace nobel prize winner and Nobelprize winner for Physic
"Iron is the carrier of oxygen in our body […] When it becomes magnetised, the cell
get an energy-push, which makes it work better and faster."
Problem Solving
  •  higher oxygen supply to cells
  •  stimulation of blood circulation
  •  activation of better metabolism
  •  immune defence and self-healing regulation
  •  harmonization of the nervous system and psyche