Gene Expression

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The only person in history ever to be awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes was Linus Pauling.

He was probably either the most influential chemist that ever lived, or one of them. Pauling was rather direct about his viewpoint on what should be added to the body, as described here in this famous quote:

“Everything in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases which is not orthomolecular [natural to the human body] will fail.”

He went on to say that, no matter how many marketing dollars you threw at unnatural substances in an attempt to make them into workable solutions, it was useless, because in the end, you are a totally natural three billion-year-old organism, made by nature. The man-made chemicals that have shown up in the last hundred years do not fit in.

You were not created or evolved with these chemicals, and there is no information in the entire record of your DNA on how to deal with them; yet these new chemicals and toxins are finding their way into your body.


How does this affect your DNA?

Let’s take up another concept: gene expression. What is “gene expression”?



Every creature alive has genes, and these determine what kind of life form something will become. Genes are tiny strings of chemicals that act as instruction manuals for each life form. They are the basic building blocks of life.

Genes hold in their structure a sort of code that determines what plant or animal this particular life form will be. The code determines every part and function of a living organism: color, skin, fur or feathers, and whether tall or short, thick or thin, and so forth. Genes dictate a living thing’s individual, unique characteristics, as well as all the internal workings that determine its health.

“Gene expression” refers to how your genetic code shows up in your body. For example, if you have green eyes, this is the gene expression of the specific genetic code for that eye color. If a particular gene fails to express or has been altered so it does not express correctly, this could result in an unhealthy medical condition. From this, you could draw the conclusion that at the root of very many medical conditions or illnesses, something has gone wrong with the expression of a gene. The DNA no longer provides the needed information to produce a healthy body.

This might sound like an oversimplification, but it really isn’t. The reason you get sick when you eat something that is toxic to your body is because you are adding particles that prevent a cell from perfectly replicating. Components other than natural building blocks are being introduced, causing the genes to build a cell that can no longer fight off illness or has lost some other function.

This principle has been known for thousands of years. People might not have known the exact mechanism, but they did know that in order to produce strong, healthy offspring, it was necessary to consume healthy animals or plants — healthy food.

Current research indicates that the stable water cluster somehow helps the expression of certain genes. This allows the body or cell to use the information that has accumulated for millions of years, enabling it to deal with illnesses and heal itself. It is not the stable water cluster that heals you; it is your DNA, performing its functions as originally intended.

Double Helix Water has to be one of the most natural products in existence (or possibly the most natural). We believe we have uncovered another phase of water — one that we are convinced has been around since DNA began. We have spent years learning how to concentrate it. With what we now know, we are possibly looking at a minuscule particle so basic to living organisms that it might be the underlying building block to life itself.

It is a little water molecule that your body is totally able to work with, and simply because it has a bigger push or bigger pull (from a physics point of view it has a larger charge), it has the ability to do more work. Life has been going strong for billions of years, the thing to do is enhance it, not poison it! Double Helix Water is a helpful, natural solution for life.

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