What Is Double Helix Water?

Double Helix Water is a relatively new discovery in the field of water and health. It is used by thousands of doctors, integrative practitioners and individuals to support better health and well-being. Its growth and popularity have come about largely by word of mouth. To accurately define Double Helix Water, let's begin with what it's not. You may have heard of Kangen water, structured water and ionized water. Double Helix Water is none of these. Double Helix Water isn't treated in any way and is present in its natural state. Water can exist as a gas, liquid or solid. In each of these phases, it's made up of the exact same molecules; only the space between the hydrogen and oxygen changes.

Before the discovery of stable water clusters the only known solid state of water was ice. It required below freezing temperatures to have a solid state of water. New Research proves otherwise. Solid microscopic particles of water can and do exist, they do not depend on freezing temperatures to remain solid. In fact they remain solid at temperatures beyond boiling water, hence they are called stable water clusters.

Picture taken with Atomic Force microscope, showing the clear formation of a double helix structure.
This double helix structure is formed by thousands of stable water clusters clinging together. Photo Credit D&Y Laboratories, Inc.

You might wonder why stable water clusters were not discovered earlier. The fact is, they could not be seen without the aid of an Atomic Force Microscope, a tool not available to previous researchers. Double Helix Water is the result of the discovery of stable water clusters.

Current research suggests that the stable water cluster in Double Helix Water somehow enables the expression of certain genes. It may help the DNA perform the job it's intended to do. Double Helix Water is likely the most natural product ever found. It enhances and supports life and it tastes just like water.

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