Spinor FAQs


Q.     How does Spinor work.

A.     It’s an electronic version of Homeopathy.  It reads the cells/health issue and treats “Like with Like” exactly as homeopathy does... It has other modes of treatment as well, so is a comprehensive modality of healing.


Q.     Can Spinor treat animals.

A.     Yes,  it treats both humans and animals. 


Q.    How difficult is Spinor to use by home user.

A.     Spinor is extremely easy to use, particularly for pain relief or on projection of organs. 


Q.     When I buy a Spinor will there be any instructions or help.

A.     Miracle Therapy Devices provides an English manual, plus a phone or mail help line to get you up and running. 


Q.     Is Spinor suitable for use by a Therapist or Practitioner 

A.     Yes, very much so.  The device is used in hundreds of clinics for treating serious health issues and addictions very successfully.  The device is extremely capable, though very straightforward to use, no side effects if used correctly.


Q.     Is Spinor a portable devise.

A.     Yes, the device can fit into a large pocket or bag very easily. 


Q.     How is the Spinor powered? 

A.     The Spinor is powered by 2 x AA batteries. 


Q.     When I buy the device is it a complete kit with everything I need to get started.

A.     The Spinor has everything you need to get started to treat yourself, a client or member of your family.