Device Testimonial

La Magneto Testimonial

I discovered the LaMagneto PEMF device some time ago, it’s probably the most cost effective device of it kind I have come across.  The range of pre-programmed settings is extremely comprehensive, covering so many different health issues, from Anti-inflammatory, Chronic pain, Muscular atrophy to Osteoporosis, there are in fact around 63 pre-programmed options plus a memory bank of free slots to program yourself.  In my opinion, nothing comes close to the LaMagento PEMF device for it capabilities, or accessories at the price.  This Italian medical device manufacturer has hit the nail on the head with this device.  So many of its competitors are 3 or 4 times the price for a lesser device, that doesn’t allow the flexibility as this device. 

Victor Kendal
Holistic & Functional Health Practitioner
Therapies:- Cosmodic/Scenar, QuantumWave laser, PEMF, MM Wave, RIFE/Resonance, Energy Medicine, Genius insight, Quantum iLife, Reconnective healing, The Reconnection, Quantum Touch, Alkalizing & Detox program, BodyTalk, Bodytalk Access, Mindscape, EFT, Reiki, Energy & Meridian.......