Aires Shield Extreme

The Aires Shield Extreme is a microprocessor, which converts harmful electomagnetic radiation from a mobile phone in a safe and harmonius way  directly influencing the brain and our well being.

The device does not require an additional energy source for i'ts power and  does not alter the mobile phone signal so communication quality is not negatively influenced. 

The Aires Shield Extreme neutralizer is high tech new science and works and is one in a stable of many such devices that protect from all manner of EMF and EMR producing products worn on a person, whether at home, the office or factory or in your car.

In order to protect oneself from smartphone or mobile phone radiation simply attach the Shield.Constant exposure to Electro Magnetic Radiation, which is all around us, is potentially harmfull, even lethal- so invest in this smart and stylish accessory designed for the modern man in our ever changing world. 



Optimizer Aires Light

The optimizer Aires Light is an additional antenna with multiplier properties, enhancing the personal protection provided by the Aires Shield against harmfull effects  of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the use of smart phones and other mobile devices.

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